Advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing allows backups of stored data, while recovering from disasters, while the objectives of organizations and businesses continue to be executed. One of the main functions is to host the information in the correct sites to avoid redundancies of information or use of unnecessary spaces.

2. Reduction in technology expenses

Cloud computing reduces costs in the acquisition of software and hardware, likewise it optimizes the resources invested in the maintenance of data centers, servers and electrical systems. The people in charge of the IT Department will quickly experience the results.

3. Performance

The largest and most powerful cloud computing services run on global networks of secure data centers, which are constantly updated with efficient and fast hardware. This is an important guarantee for the IT administration of companies and institutions.

4. Productivity

Cloud computing is a very important support for the IT department to direct it to tasks of greater relevance and performance. Through the technology of cloud computing, the maintenance resources of a local data center (hardware configuration, security patches, among other tasks) are drastically reduced.

5. Speed

The majority of cloud computing providers are made up of self-service features to provide various computing resources, which allows companies flexibility and reduction in technological planning.

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