Microsoft Azure: 5 key features in computing

Microsoft Azure is a platform that integrates complete services in the cloud for developers and IT team to administer and implement applications and other resources through a large global data center. This complete cloud scheme has included very specific functions to respond to the global growth trend of 30% in investments related to cloud solutions between 2013-2018.

Cyber ​​attacks can cost up to $ 3,000 million to productivity and connectivity, therefore, cloud users are demanding better conditions to acquire a secure, private, transparent and of course useful service for any business scenario. However, if your company, business or organization has not contemplated a migration plan towards a cloud platform, you should take into account the following 3 fundamental steps in the acquisition of this service:

Experimentation: Engineers and other personnel involved in IT processes create the applications in the cloud to know how it works and how the service adapts to the internal workflow.

Migration: Internal collaboration is the main basis for this step; from the support team, executive, human resources to legal advisors have to participate in each phase.

Transformation: In this stage the applications included in the migration plan are redesigned and adapted to obtain the best benefits of cloud services such as: obtaining performance analysis and other essential resources.

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