What is cloud computing and what are its scope?

Cloud computing is the provision of technological services such as: servers, comprehensive analysis, network administration, databases, storage of information and software through systems on the Internet. Cloud providers charge according to the nature of the business and the particularity of the package.

To establish an excellent relationship with a partner or a provider, you will need advice that will lead you to a correct decision; We will talk about this later, however, first know the scope of cloud computing, its schemes and service classification.

What are the scope of cloud computing?

Although for some users it is easy to understand technology issues, other consumers need more information and support. Probably you are not yet clear about the concept of cloud computing, for that reason, we will explain it with basic examples.

Personal and professional daily life is full of tools and technological products aimed at creating a better experience in the execution of tasks and entertainment activities; most work online, clear mentions are: Television (Netflix), email (Outlook), storage (OneDrive, Google Drive), document editing (Google Documents), online music (Spotify), image files (iCloud ), among other. The aforementioned applications work thanks to systems backed by cloud computing.

Among the main features of cloud computing are:

  • Development of Applications and other services.
  • Data analysis and create models or patterns of predictions in business.
  • Development and administration of Software.
  • Storage, backup and recovery of data.
  • Share videos, photos and audios.
  • Website hosting services.


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